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Re: VMs: ... more fantasies about the michiton text

Hi Mart,
This is a good story, although I personally find your our ( ;-) ) a bit cryptic
Here all is a site related to Komi letters:
Permic or Permiak...I am interested too in the religious "Tamga signs": more to follow?

Mart Vabar <mesinik@xxxxxx> wrote:

On Sat, 3 Jul 2004, Gabriel Landini wrote:

> Erm... what about the same person at a later date with a different pen and
> ink?

I agree.
This difference and the fact, that the writer is familiar with
VMS-alphabet and "possible language", but totally helpless with bird's
footprints, which pretend to be some western text; so this is, why
I once thought it could be some southern mix of Komi language (with
Tataric influences). ... BTW, Komi are the "early trading vikings"
of northeastern Europe.

IT was afaik 1470-and-something, when Moscow conquered Novgorod, the
capital of northern trade.

Komi had an alphabet of there own (it's early stages are not too familiar)
In Novgorod, Komi most certainly had there offices (like
"our boys from Tallinn" had in Novgorod there super profitable
Hansa-office! s, too).

In the trouble after conquest, some educated Komi people could easily
become workers for Roman-Catholic Hansa. Komi was then in struggle with
Moscow and so - regarded as enemies by new government in Novgorod. Surely,
both Hansa and Komi was important trade-makers in XV-c Novgorod.

back to VMS:
This strange mix in pseudo-Latin (michiton... etc.) could be, what was
believed real Latin in a far place like Novgorod. In theory, Hansa had some
churches there (in fact these was store-houses) and probably they (more or
less theoretically) held Divine Masses there in Latin...

At least:
This michiton-font and text could be written down in 15-th century
Tallinn or "our" Hansa-office at Novgorod ... or in a similar place.
It could be a "religious" memo for "what must be said" in some context ...
... if anybody doesn't undestand it, then it's good enough, you see ...

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