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VMs: Fwd: TRITHEMIUS and so on

Hi Dennis and all,
Forgive me for this, just trying again to answer Dennis s question. Here is it ?
P.S. Dennis, hopefully this time it will work, thanks for Jim s page, I ll perhaps comment on this later on.

Je n'ai pas recu tout
votre message. Pourriez-vous me le renvoyer? 


jean-yves artero <jyartero@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 09:41:18 +0200 (CEST)
De: jean-yves artero
Objet: TRITHEMIUS and so on
À: Dennis

Bonjour Dennis,
Merci de parler français; it s encouraging for me ;-)! J'ai hélas reçu depuis les courriers ci dessous que je vous retransmets bien volontiers une rectification sur le deuxième ou troisième livre de T. Je ne sais si elle est fondée ou non ( je ne suis pas en mesure d'apprécier actuellement).
What is striking to me c'est que la même chose ait presque au même moment attiré votre attention à vous et à P.L. Il y a peut-être là quelque chose d'important.
Voici le message de "démenti":
"One error on my part - "third book" should have read "second book"!"
As we say in French Dieu reconnaîtra les siens.
All the best,

jean-yves artero <jyartero@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 22:58:28 +0200 (CEST)
De: jean-yves artero
Objet: Re: VMs: Re: T.B. ETC
À: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx

OK Jeff
No problem, here are some most recent news from the author:
"Well, the Ars Paulina is an English magician's expansion of the third
of Trithemius' Steganographia. The author has taken the names of
angels and brought them into a magical system of his own construction.

The sources for the sigils are:

The Calendrium Magicum engraved by Theodorus de Bry and attributed to
(doubtless to get some respect) and published by Adam McLean as part of
Hermetic Sourcewords series (Phanes Press, ISBN 0-933999-33-X).

The citation for the eariler Trithemius calendar containing the sigils
drawn from a citation in Fred Getting's Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic
Alchemical Sigils (Routledge & Keegan Paul, ISBN 0-7100-0095-3) who
reproduces the sigils with comparisons to the de Bry calendar".
Brr and good night from France
P.S. I think that Gettings works are worth knowing. At least some of them.

Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No I definately hadn't tracked that one down. Thanks for that! The symbols are interesting. What is even more interesting is that Brahe showed more symbols than Trithemius. If Brahe knew of an extended set then were there even more that haven't come to light yet?
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Sent: 03 July 2004 12:51
Subject: VMs: T.B. ETC

Hi Jeff
Otherwise, I only found this about T.B. and ciphers at the moment. Did you already know?
My expectation is yes...
( sigh)


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