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Re: VMs: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

Thanks to Jan Hurych for the enhanced pictures of f1r that show
Jacobus's "signature"! I hope that, someday, the photostat(s) taken by
Wilfrid can be scanned and analyzed as well.

Jan conjectures that the "signature" may have been written by some
archivist. IIRC, the "T" on that signature looks very much like the
"T" of Marci's handwriting, as preserved in one of his letters in
Kircher's carteggio. Namely, with a long top line, rising diagonally
from the baseline, and a short vertical stem that does not quite reach
to the top line. (That "T" struck me as rather funny, so I recalled it
when Gabriel first sent me a trace-out of the f1r signature.)

Unfortunately I can't find the precise URL of the letter in question.
This may be a problem because it seems that some of Marci's letters
were dictated.  Perhaps someone  handy?

I seem to recall objections that such style of "T" was not uncommon
at those times, though.

For whatever it is worth...

All the best,


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