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Re: VMs: Photostat Machines

--- William Edmondson <w.h.edmondson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> What troubles me about V's use of chemicals is that
> it is surely 
> unethical/unprofessional to treat a MS that way -
> unless the chemicals 
> were known to be very benign and 'self-cancelling'
> in effect with time.  

Well, W.Voynich predates Indiana Jones, and ask
any modern archeologist what they think about the
message that this character is leaving w.r.t. 

Seriously, though, the Wiki page would be the 
right place to collect the ultimate, correct, 
information about who did what to the page.
It may have been Brumbaugh doing the chemicals,
(well postdating Indiana Jones ! ), or it was in his
book where the procedure was described. I am
also away from home :-) so will need to check in a 
few days and I will put facts on the Wiki page.

William, of course you are right and nowadays 
this sort of practice is probably unthinkable (?)

Cheers, Rene

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