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Re: VMs: Trotula di Salerno - tracing her influence on the VMS

I did a search for copies of the "De Ornatu" online.  Found this page - not sure what it is, but check out folio 17 - especially the stars (certainly Voy like) and the last letter of the text: our "c" with the swirl - Voy "s"


Interesting, no?

Folio 8v is interesting too.  Lots of Voy-esque characters there.

I did ultimately find a small cutout of a page from "De Ornatu" with a woman in a bathtub.  That was very interesting too.  Lost the site now though.... 

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 07/07/04 11:00PM >>>

Luis Velez posted this reply from Ferrucio Bertini, re Trotula di Salerno:

  Le premetto che non sono un esperto di miniature di manoscritti e
  pertanto il mio parere ha un valore relativo; penso comunque che, in
  linea di massima, il "De passionibus" possa aver influenzato la prima
  miniatura, quella centrale del fol. 75r, mentre la piccola miniatura
  in fondo allo stesso fol. potrebbe essere stata influenzata, cos=EC
  come certamente quelle del fol. succesivo (132r.), dal "De ornatu".
  Bisognerebbe per=F2 avere un'idea della datazione del ms. Beinecke. A
  mia conoscenza, infatti, non saprei quale altra opera, a parte queste
  due di Trotula (o qualche altra affine della Scuola Salernitana),
  potrebbero aver influenzato miniature siffatte.

Here is a translation:

  First, let me say that I am not an expert on manuscript illumination 
  and therefore my opinion has a relative value; anyway I think that,
  roughly speaking, the "De passionibus" may have influenced the first
  illustration, the center one on f75r, while the small figure at the
  bottom of the same f. could have been influenced, like those of the 
  following page (f132r), by the "De ornatu". One would however need
  to have some idea of the Beinecke ms. date. To my knowledge, in fact,
  I do not know what other work, apart from these two by Trotula (or
  some related one from the Salerno school) could have influenced such
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