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Re: VMs: Trotula di Salerno - tracing her influence on the VMS

--- Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Page 17, on the other hand, is quite interesting.
> [...]  but the
> general layout is surprisingly similar to that of
> the big VMS fold-out
> -- with a big circular diagram in the center,
> surrounded by smaller
> diagrams; the T-O map on the upper right; sun images
> around the
> margin; a walled-off "God's Seat" attached to outer
> region of the big
> circle; lines connecting the diagrams; and more. It
> makes the
> "cosmological" interpretation of that VMS fold-out
> much more credible.
> Perhaps the VMS author tried to "monkey" a diagram
> like this one --
> only he did not understand the symbolism and thus
> felt free to invent all the details?

Absolutely. The stars are also very similar to the
VMs (including the red dot in the middle).
The idea that the VMs author has tried to monkey
existing diagrams also fits with the herbal section
of the VMs, and with the zodiac section.
It is a worrying thought, since it is a good argument
for the VMs being quite possible without meaningful
content in our modern sense of the word.
(It could have contained quite meaningful 'mystical' 
text for the author).

Cheers, Rene

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