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VMs: mulhier

Hi René,

I am trying to learn the list year after year; now I am in 1997 ( it s good to be a pupil ).

I just read your attached mail:

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997

Subject: Re: Toresella

Can anything be said about the 'michiton oladabas' on

f116r, the 'mulhier' on f17r and the 'mussdel' on 66r?

Any guess whether these three are from the same hand,

or if they are also in a humanistic hand?

If they are in a later style, no problem. If much earlier we

are faced with yet another incongruity.

Cheers, Rene

What I found about "mulhier" is tiny; most of the words mentionned in the web are Portuguese/Brazilean : mulhier=mujer in Spanish ( =woman).

There is one exception, however, I don t know whether it was already written or not ( if yes please all forgive me ):

It is an old Provençal/french epic which is to be found...in an Italian site:


The epic is called Daurel and Beton, it looks like a sort of Cid story and mulhier appears only once:


Veuc vos vengut n?Azema[r] lo leugier,

Apres de lui son .iiii. cavalier;


Li .iii. lo fero el escut de cartier,

Que·l gomfano li fan el cors mulhier,

E n?Azemar feri lhi son destier,

Lo diestrier ca, lo coms pres a tumbier,

A tera caz, et non fa a blasmier;


De ca[da] part li van grans cops donier.

I am not sure of the meaning, it does not seem to me "mujer", anyway; more "mouiller", or "défaillir" ( get wet, or having an heart piercing effect); anyway perhaps it s a verb.

The footnote at the end of the text tells us more about the bibliography and the time of the epic, in Italian:

si propende per una datazione ai primi anni del sec. XIII. ? Il testo presenta i tratti della lingua letteraria franco-occitana, tipica dell?epica meridionale.

Meridional/Mediterranean epic, XIIIth century, French/Occitan (Provençal) literary writing, .

FWIW. Possibly nothing!


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