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Re: VMs: loniir.ru.

Thanks Jim and all who answered. 

Here is a good (free) MIME eraser but it only processes one file at a 
time so it is of limited utility. Someone on the list might be able 
to modify it for batch operation.  

MailStrip  allows you to strip headers ( or only retain certain 
selected headers) from all messages. Where there is a standard footer 
in messages with a unique identifying line, you can also strip out 
the footers. Additionally it can strip out non-'plain text' parts 
from any multipart MIME messages in the file.


All of these utilities have been written in PBWin from PowerBasic 
(Note the file sizes!).
Source code is available on request.
Also note that none of these utilities has a "Setup" or Uninstal" 
procedure. They do not write to the Registry and do not put DLLs etc 
in other directories. To remove any of these utilities from your 
system just delete them .



On 8 Jul 2004 at 10:38, Voynich Ms. List Administrator wrote:
> I've seen occasional bounces, but not on every message.  I removed the
> address (xaos@xxxxxxx) and sent a message suggesting that they check
> the configuration and then resubscribe.
>  Jim Gillogly

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