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VMs: More miscellaneous painting weirdness

A few more random observations on herbal colors:

  From the brown lines in page f7r, it is clear that the plant simply
  has paired leaves, staggered by 45 or 90 degrees to each other. So the
  peculiar painting pattern (clear/green) is probably a meaningless distraction.

  On page f9v (the "wild pansy"?) to the right of the top right fower,
  there is a small pen mark that looks like a small EVA "y", perhaps
  followed by a a wavy line.

  On page f10r, the bulbs in the root had some internal details and were
  painted in light brown, like the rest of the root; but were then
  overpainted in red.

  On f13r the painter apparently could not figure out which bits
  belonged to which leaves.

  f17v is another "torusweed". f22r must be the "eggbeater plant".

  f23r has multiply connected roots.

  On page f24v it is clear that the blue paint was applied with some 
  coarse brush.

  f32r has green roots.

All the best,


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