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VMs: Fwd: Lichtenberger

Hello everybody,

Probably not important and possibly already noticed (then sorry in advance) I just found "Voynichese like" symbols in a book on Zodiac Signs.
The author is Frederick Goodman, my edition is Brian Trodd, London, 1990 ( I have the 1991 reprint). It was printed in Czechokslovakia, well...
Pages 50 and 51 you have a woodcut ( mit Farben ) and its commentary, which is:
"Astrological woodcut of 1527, from Lichtenberger's description of the effect of the opposition between Jupiter (in Taurus) and Saturn (in Scorpio)."
There are further comments in pages 49 and 52.
There are two symbols, one I think for Jupiter, and one for Saturn.
I tried to MSPaint them, Aïe, here is attached a poor Bitmap file result. Any thought?
P.S. I resend it without attachement, I have the feeling that attachments don t go through.



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