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Re: Re: VMs: Evidence review

Hello Clay,

You are right, that part of Raphael's rumor was the most dubious, but we also 
know that Dr. Raphael was in charge of orchestrating the court  case of alleged 
Wallenstein treason. He  compiled the charges after the general was already dead 
in  order to  justify his murder, so we may call Raphael at least a "creative 
writer" :-). 

But even if he was telling exactly what he really heard, we do not know from whom he got 
that information, to be able to judge its veracity. The point is Rudolph bought 
many manuscripts and nowhere in Marci's letter is said Raphael actually saw the  
VM in Rudolph's possession and positively knew he was talking about the same 
manuscript.  He probably just passed  on some old   rumor circulating in his time.  
In the light  of the gap in the VM history, we can only speculate how Baresh 
got it and from whom. So he and Marci are still the only truly documented owners, 
being so mentioned in their letters. As for Horczicky, we can hardly
dispute his ownership too - since his name is written there - but we do not have any 
other document connecting him directly to the VM. 

It was Voynich, who filled the gap in Raphael's  rumor by Rudolph's donation of the VM 
to Horczicky, but it was just pure speculation. He even claimed - if I remember 
correctly - that Horczicky's name was written there by Rudolph. As we can see 
from the new scan, that assumption looks even more dubious than ever. 


======= At 2004-07-10, 18:13:00 you wrote: =======

>On 7/10/04 2:26 PM, "Jan" <hurychj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So your "solid" evidence is actually only third hand information, providing
>> Dr. Raphael was told about it directly by Rudolph :-).  Pretty  thin, I think.
>> If you read the same  letter further down, Marci tells Kircher that he himself
>> has to make his own opinion about it,
>I read that to indicate that he reserved opinion on the authorship of the
>book being attributed to Roger Bacon, not on its history of having
>previously belonged to Rudolph.
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