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Re: VMs: f85r2 "four ages" diagram

Another view.
Re: N: ring on finger
Re. S: she leans on a cane
Re: E: has a bottle of perfume
Re: W: has an emblem of another stage in life. Fan?

...... KM

On 11 Jul 2004 at 13:02, Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi Eric,
> At 10:18 10/07/2004 -0700, Eric wrote:
> >Anyways, one (of the many)
> >things she [D'Imperio] mentions is the "four ages"
> >diagram on f85r2 (1006229) and similarities with
> >existing manuscripts and possible tie-ins with Galenic
> >medicine. I've done a quick search of the archives but
> >don't see any discussion. Is there any work out there
> >which would help in researching this page?
> AFAIK, no: people have tended to find the four characters on the magic
> circle page (f57v) much more interesting - FWIW, I suspect that they
> are four directional demons, including Paymon. By comparison, f85r2
> initially seems rather more mundane - but there may be more to see
> now.
> For f85r2, the sidfiles have succeeded in making the objects (which
> the four characters are holding) much clearer (though, naturally, not
> necessarily more understandable):-
>          N       ring on a finger (though the hand seems back to
>          front?) E       orb with cylindrical neck and conical stopper
>          (hand again 
> back to front?)
>          S       a chain of ring-like objects (perhaps a kind of
>          regional 
> bread?)
>          W       a stylised anchor (perhaps a fleur-de-lys?)
> Perhaps you might start your research by using Jon Grove's plugin on
> these characters to see if there's anything subtle beneath the paint
> we've missed?
> FWIW, my best guess is that the four directions on this page are
> actually stylised representations of countries/states, relative to
> Milan (of course):-
>          N = Holy Roman Emperor (ring)
>          E = Venice (glassware)
>          S = Rome/Sicily (a blind guess on my part, but feel free to
>          play 
> cherchez-le-pain)  :-)
>          W = France (fleur-de-lys)
> At the very least, that's a coherent hypothesis you might consider
> testing in your own research. :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 
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