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Re: VMs: Evidence review

> One argument against the story: according to all
> specialists, the VMS
> author is not Bacon. So if Raphael was right, Rudolf
> had been deceived.
> Could that happen when he had so many knowledgeable
> people at his court?

This is indeed one of the really mysterious parts
of the Marci letter. Why would they think it was
Bacon's? Was Bacon's reputation a left-over of the
presence of Kelly?

It has been pointed out before that you can read the Marci letter to mean that Raphael, not Rudolf, thought that the author was Bacon. I tend to think this is the more natural way of taking the Latin: translating it into direct speech, Raphael said to Marci "I know that that manuscript was owned by Emperor Rudolf and he paid a fortune for it. I think it is probably by Roger Bacon". The other way is just possible.

Philip Neal

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