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Re: VMs: Arguments against a code book?

Jorge Stolfi wrote:

Actually the resemblance between Herbal-A and Herbal-B is much greater
than what would seem from this listing, because many of the Voynichese
words listed above *do* occur in the other language, only with
different frequency; whereas most of the Italian words above

are not valid Latin words, and vice-versa


This seems like a very interesting situation. It suggests to me what you might see if 1) two different writers were applying the same ciphering scheme independently, and 2) if it is not the particular words but some _feature_ of the words that conveyed the meaning.

To give an approximate idea of what I am trying to suggest, think of two people spelling English words using a phonetic alphabet of the type airline pilots use. To spell the word "APPLE" one person might say "ABLE PAUL PAUL LEO EDWARD" and another might say "ABLE PETER PETER LEO EASY". In other words, they may be choosing from the same universe of acceptable words but making different choices of particular words to according to their whim.

Of course, in view of the large number of different words, the significant feature would probably be something more than a single letter of the word ... perhaps each word represents a syllable, for example.


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