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Re: VMs: Arguments against a code book?

Dear all,

I have a rather more liberal interpretation of the 
codebook question. This would be: is it possible
to translate the VMs into a plain text using
a code book (independent of the question of
whether it was created that way).
This is equivalent with: is there a way to translate
each VMs 'word' always by the same plaintext word
and get a readable text (barring mistakes by the

This ignores the question whether or not there
is some kind of scheme (e.g. using Roman numerals)
to make the word-to-word translation.

Stolfi's remarks remain valid under this wider
assumption, or he may in fact have looked at the
question in the same way.

The main problem with this code book hypothesis
comes from the occasional word repeats (several 
qokedy's or serveal daiin's in succession), but
this is not necessarily a prohibitive problem.

Cheers, Rene

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