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Re: VMs: f85r2 "four ages" diagram

Thanks for the feedback from everyone. I'll start
picking away at it and see what turns up. My gut is
(after getting a nice big digital color printout of
it) to do some word analysis and see what the common
vocab is (words which appear in this diagram and also
elsewhere) and the unique vocab is (if any) and see if
some relation can be drawn with the pictures.

The boy definitely looks like he is gazing at
something in his hand. A ring? Hmmm...

For the old man, it looks like he is resting on a cane
in one hand and pulling a chain in the other. Reminds
me of Marley from A Christmas Carol :)

> At 10:18 10/07/2004 -0700, Eric wrote:
> >Anyways, one (of the many)
> >things she [D'Imperio] mentions is the "four ages"
> >diagram on f85r2 (1006229) and similarities with
> >existing manuscripts and possible tie-ins with
> Galenic
> >medicine. I've done a quick search of the archives
> but
> >don't see any discussion. Is there any work out
> there
> >which would help in researching this page?

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