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Re: VMs: Arguments against a code book?

Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> It has been several years since I looked at that question, but
> my recollection is that there *is* a modest amount of correlation
> between the labels and the text.  It is not obvious that there
> should be more. For example, imagine you have a one-page article
> about Brazil, next to a map of the country with city and river
> names: how many of those names do you expect to show up in the
> article (or in the whole book)?

	An excellent point!  Would someone comment on the
correlation that we do in fact see?  

> One interesting fact is that most labels occur only once in the
> whole book, although some of the multi-word labels contain
> common words.

	Do you mean that the "words" in a one-word label only
occur once in the whole text, or that a given label
never reappears as another label? I remember hearing
that the plant labels are *never* seen in the text.  Is
this true?   

> According to the only handwriting expert report we have, the VMS
> script it is in one hand throughout. 

	Who was this?

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