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Re: VMs: Fw: Edward Kelley and the VMS

Hello Jeff,

======= At 2004-07-16, 00:23:00 you wrote: =======

>> > hypothesis. However, Kelley will still play a crucial part in the whole
>> > story. 

Did I miss something? Is there  any hard  evidence connecting the VM to Kelly or at least  his offering 
any manuscript to Rudolph?  Sure, he did have the manuscript  from Glastonbury, but that was 
apparently the different one and he certainly did  not want to sell  that one :-). And if Kelly, why not 
rather Dee, considering all we know? 

I can give you even more  romantic  theory: by the same token, the VM could  have been written  using new English cipher  -  we know that Dee corresponded with  Cecil  Burghley  and probably had a contact with Francis Walsingham as well. He may  have had quite a laugh  when nobody in Prague could  solve it - but at the same time he got the confirmation  that the new English cipher is quite safe  . . . 

Poor Kelly  - he is actually quite  lucky:  having had his ears cut off, he can't possibly hear all this  :-).


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