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VMs: something that makes sense

okay, maybe it's not new, but...

i took f85r2 down to Kinko's (a copy/printing store in
the States) to have some printouts made.
disappointing. i could print as well out at home.
anyways, i was printing each of the three sections out
and noticed that on the middle section - somewhat
hidden in the drawing (i never noticed it before) -
are four women holding objects around the moon (the
moon is easy to see, but the women are buried in the
semicircular motif). this seems in parallel with the
men holding objects around the sun on the first panel.

so, what do i think makes sense? the men are
associated with the sun, the women with the moon. this
is standard alchemic (and i suppose other
occult/magical - they appear on tarot cards)
symbolism. okay, that for me was interesting... at
least something in the VMS has a parallel.

which leads me to wonder, are the swooshing patterns
on the first panel of f85r2 stylized rooster tails
(another alchemic symbol associated with men)? i just
tried to find some references to male/female animal
symbolism in alchemy on the web and didn't find
anything quickly - but i remember this reference to
male/sun/rooster from a book on the grotesque i once

also, there seems to be some possible symbolism with
fire on the male side (the "round container with a
cross stopper on the top", on closer inspection, seems
more like an candle or oil pot with a flame at the
top) and cups and water on the female side - more
tarot/occult symbolism.

it's hard to see what the female drawings are holding
-seemingly agricultural/fertility related for the most
part. only one has her back to the viewer and holding
what looks like a twiggy (dead) plant - representing
winter??? (fertility looking away??)



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