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Re: VMs: something that makes sense

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm pretty sure you're actually talking about f86v4
> as per the interlinear 
> - perhaps Rene's list of database id correspondences
> has this wrong? Here's 
> what the interlinear has to say about it:-

Yes, that's it. Sorry, I refer to them as the same
since they are all together on one side of the vellum
-it is all shot as one "page" by Beinecke.

> I think a good idea would be to cut, paste, rotate
> and clean up (ie remove 
> all the surrounding "tombstones") all eight figures
> onto a single page, so 
> that we can see them all clearly side by side. Then
> we can all start to 
> look for extra parallels here - and perhaps this
> might reveal hints of the 
> kind of tarot-style imagery you mention.

Yep, that's a next great step - will do. I'll also dig
around for tarot, alchemic and grotesque imagery and
symbolism and also Galenic medicine (as D'Imperio

> Also, I must admit that I've never properly got to
> grips with how the 
> panels on the reverse side of the rosette page are
> laid out & folded. What 
> is the spatial relationship between this sun page
> (f85r2) and this moon 
> page (f86v4?

Yes, it's confusing. I just picked through Rene's
description of the folios and the Beinecke images to
figure it out:


and by looking at the images, you can finally figure
out how it is pieced together. The three "pages" (the
male circle - f85r2, the female circle - f86v4 and a
large page of text - f86v6) are all on the same side
of the vellum next to each other on the back of the
top half of the rosette's page.


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