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Re: VMs: Occitan months...?

On Saturday 17 July 2004 04:12, Jorge Stolfi wrote:

>   (1) the horizontal bar over the "e" of September, October,
>   and November.  I presume that it is a tilde, so those "e"s
>   should be read "en" or "em".

Yes, it is reasonable. 
Also look at the ending "e"s the seem to be drawn like a curved "E" or a euro 
symbol: a curved thick stroke that goes curved like a half "c" and the top 
and middle strokes drawn like a small s.
Tue first "e" in the October label seems the same and all the "e"s in the 
December, too.

>   (2) The circumflex in May-1.  Could it be two dots over an "ij",
>   misinterpreted by the Retoucher?  Or could it be a macron that
>   was once used to distinguish "y" from "ij"?  (There seems
>   to be such a macron on the last symbol of June.)

It could... note that y, g and ij could look the same,
and n, u, ii. too. :-/

>   (5) A "shallow bowl"  with a check-mark like superscript in April-2,
>   presumably a mis-shapen variant of (4).

Yes, this is what I meant above. 

>   (6) An "underscore" with an "apostrophe" over it, at the end of October.
>   Perhaps an even more mis-shapen variant of (4)?

>   (7) The superscript shaped like a small "L" in September. Another
>   mis-shapen (4)?

Not sure, the small "s" I mean is something like (ascii art):
if the third stroke may not be visible here, so here it looks more like a "<" 
or "L"?

> So if (4) is indeed an "é", we have
>   "marc", "març", or "mars"
>   "abéril" (×2)
>   "may", or perhaps "maij" (×2)

>   "yony", or perhaps "yonij"

what about "yoiin" or "yoim" or "youn" or "yoinj"... very tricky

>   "jollie"(?)

Could be, it is very unclear.
I can imagine that it could also say "jolle[t?]" or "jolb*".
Nick, I think that the crossing stroke of the second "l" is not in the right 

The next seems "augst", but the "u" us not distinguishable from "n" of 

I think it is 
septebr* with a horizontal like over "te"

>   "octémbre"
>   "novembré"
>   "décébré"

again, I think that all the "e"s are just "e"s
Nick, compare the b in september and october. I think that the former is right 
but the latter is not. Part of the r seems to me be part of the b.
Also the horisontal stroke seems to be a single one, not two?



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