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VMs: Re: Re: Voynichese = Arabic?

This is a theory that I have been working on for a long time. Your list of
languages must be extended to others such as Assyrian, and the languages
that came out of it, such as Strangaili, Nabataean and others. It would also
include other language derivatives such as Thamudic, Safatic and Lihyanite
to mention only a few. There is a chart of these on my website at:

Most of these script evolved from ancient Aramaic, and changed quite rapidly
over the years, mostly because of limited contact between different
split-off groups, and writing being controlled by a limited part of the
population. Thus standards changed, and so did scripts.

At this point, we have come up with a 21 letter VMS alphabet, which was
standard for most of these ancient languages. Hopefully we can soon get to
the next stage of matching these characters up with phonetic sounds and then
try and discover which of these languages the script was in. Interestingly
enough, most of these languages were so closely related that a native
speaker could understand the others after a bit of study. This is why groups
like the Nabataeans adopted foreign scripts to "hide" their writings from
others who could uncipher them.

Dan Gibson

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