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Re: VMs: Arguments ... could a manuscript kill it s author?

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> Dennis asks who was the handwriting expert who saw only one hand.
>   http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/mirror/reeds/docs/carter.txt

irregular speculations about handwriting

has any (hi)story a logical beginning
or vice versa - is our sight determined by standpoint?
when looking at these dzhigitating lines of text as a picture,
I often thought about a writer with military background.
I somehow had in sight the light cavalry (of Eurasian grasslands)
with sables etc ... but the artillery (where Kravchinsky comes from)
could fit it, too - let us have in mind the "strange letters",
could these remember cannons
(accompanied by a lot of horses anyway in these old days)?

but also it seems,
there isn t everything very OK with the sexual life of this writer.
first, I keep my opinion - he is not a sexually oriented person at all
(at least mr. Pelling wrote, he thinks the same, did he?).
surprisingly, despite of this disinterest,
he seems to have a very regular sexual intercourse.
more surprisingly, it seems to me, his partner isn t really "interested" too.
so why all the fuzz, if no she, nor he doesn t care about sex ...
... and no more don t they care "to be like everybody"???

some explanations:
*)	they are emigrants both and feel just lonely.
they have no much loyality (or should it be said "respect"?)
against each other, but they search for far home in each other.
*)	she could hang on him just for economic protection,
but I don t think so. she seems to be a woman, who feels somehow
lost, but probably lives not in economic poverty.
*)	again, we have to remember, if the writer is Kravchinsky,
so the secret services must be interested about him. so - could "she"
be a kind of prostitute, who is paid by ss-es (to keep them informed)?

anyway, my impression:
there is hiding something really ugly here.
what could it be? let me give one (more or less possible) speculation:
... the people in ss-es hear (somehow thru his sexual partner),
that this strange manuscript is not a static tome, but a dynamic,
developing thing. how could they benefit from this information?

when looking at the stormy past of  Kravchinsky, it is clear -
there existed people, who was worried about his memories
... take this "Italian operette" par example. to organise such
just-like-rebellion, you need money. could these means come from
the same structures, which finally benefitted from the happening?
if so, could this side to be ready to pay good money also
for an accident with Kravchinsky ... to keep away his political memories?

really, Kravchinsky had his enthusiastic fingers in many games a little bit.
the hypothetical "Italian client" is just one possible grant
for his surveillance and killing; probably not the first one in the list
(just maybe the most poetical one).

but let us make a short end to this long lore:
*) the writer of VMS could be Kravchinsky
*) a manuscript in cipher by this author could make nervous many clients
(i.e. clients for structures, which organize "accidents" for money)

... another question is, could we find much believable data about him in
(more or less clandestine) archives of any country.
could a manuscript kill it s author?

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