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Re: VMs: Occitan months...?

	It's too bad Jacques isn't back, since he knows the
most about languages!  

	In *Montaillou* by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, about a
medieval Occitan village 1300-1330, the author notes
that Occitan was very close to Catalan at that time.  

	Also, I've seen collections of medieval Occitan poetry
and prose, apparently distinct from Provencal, so it
wasn't just a lingua franca at all, but a literary
language.  The question would rather be, how distinct
was it at that time from Provencal (southeastern
France) and Catalan.  Everyone knows of the great
medieval literature in Provencal.  

	Also, for our discussion, what was the orthography
like at that time?  Remember that it was always lax in
"common" languages then.

	Finally.  I think it's pretty well accepted that the
VMs author did not write the zodiac labels.  So this
would be a matter of finding more about where and in
whose hands the VMs had been after its composition.

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