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Re: VMs: The Painter and the Retoucher

In the brief time I have been looking at f85r2 and
f86v4, I am getting that feeling too - I think there
was at least one retoucher/painter at a later date who
was mostly familiar with the work and its style (the
hand of the lettering was familiar and they had
studied the book), but who did not understand the
contents. The light yellow paint I'm guessing is the
only original paint - possibly the writing ink

I say feeling because I don't have a lot to go on,
it's just coming from an over all impression. The
"east" figure on f85r2 presumably has been wearing a
cap... but his hair is clearly flowing out the top
(not out from under the sides)?? If someone is
familiar with some strange sort of hat like this
please let me know (or if it is a perspective/drawing
style issue)... I also don't see any tracing line in
the writing ink along the bottom of the cap - usually
we see these sorts of outlines of things and then
possibly some painting later. Why someone would add
the cap I don't know though... (back to that whole
"just feelings" thing for me :)

I'll try to see if there is a "paint remover"
available in my image editing software like the other
work that has been done lately to remove painting from

--- Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Perhaps, however the retouching seems too extensive
> and mechanical for
> that. It it was the author himself, I would expect
> him (or her, of
> course) to rewrite very faint words without caring
> to retrace them
> exactly. Instead he seems to have carefully followed
> the old traces in
> the most minute details, even those that seem
> obviously mis-shapen.
> Moreover there are places where the Retracer
> apparently made mistakes,
> or seemed unsure about the charater's "normal"
> shape. I will try to
> locate specific examples...

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