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Re: VMs: Abbreviationes

Your are right. It requires purchase of 2 CDs. This study is not for me so I did not check the price. Stolfi has a chart of word pair sequences for VMS using a fairly liberal substitution of single letters for EVA letter series. Also a chart from an English document for comparison. Sorry, I did not record the page URL. I think the real difference will show when three- and four-word series are factored in. I also think the full EVA alphabet should be used except the rare letters. Also, the iin, iiin might best be given a single letter value. Whoever does the work is the best judge of that. Whoever proposes to do the work is the best judge of whether it might be worthwhile.

Since we do not *know* what should be consolidated or what a consolidated pair or triplet might represent I really do not see any need for guessing. Recently, the point was made that the definite article could be part of the following word (Stolfi). Many abbreviations may have been used. If we quantify what we have first we can better know what we are doing with later modifications.

Ciao ........ Knox

Eric wrote:

I saw this a while back. Doesn't it require some sort
of subscription?

p.s. I haven't forgotten about the word collocation
run. Just the usual lots of things going on....

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