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Re: VMs: Re: RuggWatch

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I believe it can be proved that Kelley was in no
> way linked to the VMS's creation. 

I believe that it will be difficult to _prove_ that
Kelly had nothing to do with the VMs, and at the
same time it would not help much. There were many
clever people around at the time, so any one of
them could have used a Cardan grille, if that's
how the VMs text was created.

> "Rugg cannot prove it was Kelley who sold the
> manuscript to Rudolf. But he believes the
> fraudster's presence in the region
> was no coincidence."

It certainly was no coincidence. Rudolph's court
was a big magnet for honest and less honest 
scientists and non-scientists alike.
It was not for nothing that Rudolph had 
to appoint an official who had to "screen" all
alchemists who came to apply.

The Voynich MS is just one of thousands of objects
(including many other books) that he collected.
Nothing too strange that the two may have come
close to each other.

I furthermore think that it will not be possible
to show that the VMs *could not* have been
generated using a Cardan grille, but I am convinced
that it should be possible to demonstrate
that the method of a Cardan grille does not 
really explain the complete riddle of how the VMs
was created.

This will be a non-trivial amount of work.
Is it worth doing it?

Cheers, Rene

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