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Re: VMs: Re: RuggWatch

On 7/20/04 11:27 AM, "Jeff" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The only phrase that is of any use in this article is the one below. I
> believe it can be proved that Kelley was in no way linked to the VMS's
> creation. I also know another man who can also prove it. And we are GOING to
> prove it!

Even a brief perusal of Sloane MS 3189, which is in Kelley's hand, pretty
clearly demonstrates that he was not the author of the VMS, as there is
virtually no similarity between the two hands. Sloane MS 3189 is now
available for viewing online at the following URL:


Obviously the scans are not of the same quality of the images we now have
available of the VMS, but they are IMHO sufficient to compare the
handwriting and dismiss Kelley as the author of the VMS. I have higher-res
images of several tables from Sloane MS 3189 available if anyone cares to
more closely study the handwriting or look for word-frequencies, or a
transcription can be found on Joseph Peterson's Esoteric Archives CD:


He also has an Index Verborum of Tables 1-3 online at the following URL:


These links should be of some value in determining the likelihood of
Kelley's involvement in the creation of the VMS.


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