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Re: VMs: Re: RuggWatch

--- Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Beyond that, there is Rafal's page on how Dee may
> not
> have ever had the VMs, which makes it less likely
> that
> Kelley had anything to do with it.

While I believe it, I can play the devil's advocate.

I could point out that Kelly was in Prague and near 
Rudolf much longer than Dee. Also, that Kelly
was a proven cheat (which could actually be
a bit unfair on him), so he could make sure that
his handwriting was not detectable in the VMs.

> > It was not for nothing that Rudolph had
> > to appoint an official who had to "screen" all
> > alchemists who came to apply.
> 	Who was this?

This was Thaddeus Hajek. If the VMs was ever at
Rudolph's court, here's the man who would have
known all about it.
Too bad he hasn't left any diary or memoirs :-/

Cheers, Rene

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