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Re: VMs: Retouching - valid or not?

--- GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(cutting a long story short)

> Before you state certainly that the Voynich text has
> been retouched, you need to lay a groundwork ...

I found some of the images I've seen at Stolfi's
site (?) totally convincing. You could see a faint
letter, which had been written over by a darker
one. The letter had definitely been written twice.
I think that the word 'retouching' is OK.
I would not yet want to draw any great conclusions
on who, when or why, but answering those
questions would seem important.

In addition to that, Jim Reeds first noted, and I
could confirm, that not all pages are of the same
type of vellum. Some are thicker. This may have
an impact on the appearance of the inks.

I made notes.
I hope I won't forget to send them some time soon.

Cheers, Rene

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