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Re: VMs: Fw: Edward Kelley and the VMS

Jeff wrote:

Gimme a break! This is too much even to qualify as
post hoc ergo propter hoc.  Never mind that most people
haven't figured out that Enochian is a fraud after 500
years.  As William of Ockham would say,
cut it out!

I would tend to disagree with the 'Enochian is a fraud' assumption. But not
for the same reasons as Gordon Rugg!

Jacques Guy and Don Laycock think/thought it is a fraud; Laycock wrote the Enochian dictionary everyone uses. Jacques told me that, although he knew Laycock very well, his own reasoning to reach the conclusion was different.

Enochian seems to be meaningful. My own thought was that it might not be a *conscious* fraud on Kelley's part, but an unconscious production, like Helene Smith's Martian apparently was. And do we really know that Martian wasn't a conscious fraud on her part or Theodore Flournoy's part? ;-)

Not terribly important for our purposes, though.


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