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Re: VMs: Pontanus, Westonia

> I wonder if one of our Chech-speaking list 
> members could summarise the contents of the
> following web page:
> http://www.mumost.cz/mesto/osobnosti/westonova.htm

Hi all,
the text on this web page handles about a poet Elisabeth Jane Weston 
(Westonia). Her mother and she moved to Bohemia from England around 
1583. At that year Elisabeth's father died and later her mother 
married Kelly. Thus, Westonia became Kelly's step-daughter.

After Kelly died in 1597 and Rudolf confiscated all his property, 
Elisabeth and her mother moved to Prag, where - after some period of 
difficulties and life in poornes - they were supported by 
Jiri(George) Barthold - Pontanus, who obviously liked them very much, 
because they moved into his mouse. With his help the young poet 
continued writing poems and eventually became a very famous figure of 
her time. She also put substantial effort in trying to convince 
Rudolf II to give her back the confiscated properties of her step-
father. But with only a little success - 1000 tolars in 1602.

The rest of the text handles about Westonia's "carrier" and private 
life (Got maried, had four sons, all of them died early, she died 
when she was 30).

In summary, the text is about Westonia and the above-mentioned remark 
on the "sponsorship" by Pontanus is the only info about him in the 
whole article. It is not clear from the text if Pontanus had known 
Kelly, but Pontanus was born in Most (north-western Bohemia) and 
Westonia lived in Most before she moved to Prag (i.e. before Kelly's 
death), so there might be some link there.



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