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Re: VMs: Re: Who got ...?

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004, Rene Zandbergen wrote
> Mart Vabar wrote:
>> the legend was created (by V., of course) before
>> it was pushed out for sale
> Now, there are various letters referring to it 
> from different authors, written between 1637 and
> 1667. This pushes the earliest date of the MS

well, I would like it to be so.
but in fact I have to confess, I am pretty suspicious.

first, I am suspicious about V himself.
he could be a seller for a crime ring, which
traded couterfeit and stolen stuff. I am not
saying, he was. I think, he could easily be.
For such a highly proffessional ring, some letters
in XVIIc style could be not a problem at all.

second, I am susmpicious about many of these references.
They could tell about VMS ... and they could not.

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