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Re: VMs: Re: RuggWatch

Hello Jeff,  

here are some English links on Hajek. We should not forget he was also a world known astronomer ( he discovered one Nova and wrote  a book about it -  apparently that's  how Dee learnt about him),  physician a botanist  (he studied herbals) and maybe  more.


The last link is the referenc eto  his another book (  about half way down)

I am also preparing the English extract from Czech information about T.H. on Net,


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>The only phrase that is of any use in this article is the one below. I
>believe it can be proved that Kelley was in no way linked to the VMS's
>creation. I also know another man who can also prove it. And we are GOING to
>prove it!
>"Rugg cannot prove it was Kelley who sold the
>manuscript to Rudolf. But he believes the fraudster's presence in the region
>was no coincidence."
>It's time to stop sitting on the fence people. In the Delphi programming
>language you have an interface section and an implementation section.
>Everyone here is still in the interface stage of the VMS. Going round in
>circles. Chasing there own tails. It's time to imlement, not contemplate.
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