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Re: VMs: Pontanus, Westonia

Hi everyone,

At 14:37 22/07/2004 +0200, Lukas Palatinus wrote:
After Kelly died in 1597 and Rudolf confiscated all his property,
Elisabeth and her mother moved to Prag, where - after some period of
difficulties and life in poornes - they were supported by
Jiri(George) Barthold - Pontanus, who obviously liked them very much,
because they moved into his mouse. With his help the young poet
continued writing poems and eventually became a very famous figure of
her time. She also put substantial effort in trying to convince
Rudolf II to give her back the confiscated properties of her step-
father. But with only a little success - 1000 tolars in 1602.

I thought Rafal Prinke had established that Kelley's widow sold his Fumberk estate (which Rudolph had previously given to Kelley) to Michael Sendivogius - but this would surely be exactly what Rudolph would have confiscated?

Which of the two is correct?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: r/mouse/house/ :-)

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