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Re: VMs: Re: VMs, RuggWatch

Jan wrote:

> Now for the text: wouldn't it be more reasonable for author to write some text of his
> own and pretend it is something older?   Kelley actually did write some works so why
> settle here just for gibberish?

I tend to agree; I've read one of his treatises (I have a reprint of it around here somewhere), and he
was perfectly capable of writing opaque alchemical books without having to resort to gibberish.
The treatise I refer to may itself be a hoax (it sounds like he's describing another book, and it
doesn't seem to hang together as well as most of the other treatises I've read); in any case,  I don't
think it would be of much use to a practicing alchemist. And as far as secret alphabets go, I think he
would have had his hands full with Enochian! :-)

Chris Gross

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