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Re: VMs: new here

Subject: Re: VMs: Re: VMs,  RuggWatch
From: Clay Holden <cholden@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On 7/22/04 8:05 PM, "Chris Gross" <cgross@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A few more points about Edward Kelly:
> As far as I can tell, neither Kelly nor Dee practiced alchemy (their
> experience was second-hand).

With all due respect, this statement is incorrect.
Thanks for the info. Most of what I know about Dee and Kelly comes from
books I was able to access in the '90s, and they just didn't seem to
have done
much in the way of practical work (I mean in the sense that they knew
what they
were doing and weren't just trying things out).
Dee's "Monas Hieroglyphica" shows signs of having been copied from other

books? The mind boggles at this concept... ;-)
I don't consider the "Monas Heiroglyphica" to be alchemical in the sense
talking about-- more like a 'natural philosophy' treatise, as it might
have been
called then. I think Dee wrote that one
To be fair, the work you are evidently referring to here, published as
Rosie Crucian Secrets of John Dee" is very clearly not his work, but a
later manuscript cobbled together by one "Peter Smart", who was
for several other works of a similarly dubious character.
That was the collection I was talking about; it seems kind of a
cobbled together, as you said.

Now I've got a LOT of research to do-- mostly catch-up work!

Thanks again,


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