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Re: VMs: KELLYWatch

william edmondson wrote:

That is surely why K would have done it. And we know he could have done it (intellectually - cf the Enochian tables and the puzzle(s) he set Dee.....).

In fact I've been wondering about this. I don't know much about Kelley, but he clearly did not have Dee's intellect. Was he truly capable of producing something of the VMs' complexity, considering all involved in inventing the script, the ill-precedented drawings, and the "language"?

But further. If it is (meaningless and) generated by rules of some sort.... then we cannot recover those rules unambiguously (it is known from linguistic theory that the output of a rule system is insufficient to specify the rule system).

Crippies work on just such problems.

Also, I would not expect the rules of such a hoax to be too complex. The input might well be random, but the rules for a hoax might be fairly recoverable - if in fact it is a hoax. And that might be the best evidence that it is not in fact a hoax.


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