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Re: VMs: glossolalia?

In a message dated 7/24/04 1:49:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, tsalagi@xxxxxxxx 

<< Yes.  However, let me once again point out to everyone 
 what Rene said: that human beings are not at all good 
 at producing random series like the universes 
 background noise.  If the VMs is human generated 
 nonsense (semantically completely empty), there will 
 still be order compared to the output of a random 
 number generator.  Glossalalia is probably the closest 
 human equivalent to truly random output, and therefore 
 the correct basis for comparison. >>

Please indulge my VMs newbie ignorance, but I'd like to ask an obvious and 
possibly trite (I hope not foolish) question. 
Has anyone attempted to quantify the VMs's degree of randomness by comparing 
it to similarly scaled products of random number generators (perhaps even 
generators tweaked to run VMs type characters)? This comparison might yield a 
signature of some type; perhaps one consistent (or otherwise) with the use of 
Cardan grilles.
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