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VMs: O, 0, and Pavlov's Dog...

Hi everyone,

A cautionary tale for you all. :-o

Once upon a time, I prototyped a computer game whose main character was Pavlov's dog, trying to escape from his laboratory by using his copious drool to spit in the eyes of the chasing lab-techs. However, because it amused me but nobody else, I never released it. :-)

However, I did use it as an excuse to read up on Doctor Pavlov, who performed many other experiments (far more interesting than just bell-and-drool), one of which is perhaps more applicable to the VMs than you might think. There, he trained (IIRC) a dog to associate circles with food, and ellipses with electric shocks - but the twist in that tale was that Pavlov then made the ellipses progressively more and more like circles, to see how the dog reacted. In fact, to Pavlov's surprise, the poor dog had a nervous breakdown. :-(

So: when staring at a VMs page late at night, trying to distinguish <o>s from <a>s, or (in GC's case) <round o>s from <two-stroke o>s, remember - that way madness lies! :-0

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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