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Re: VMs: Arguments ... could a manuscript kill it s author?

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, [iso-8859-1] jean-yves artero wrote:

> OK this time the last one for today:
> http://members.screenz.com/bennypostcards/stepniak.jpg

yes, I too wondered about this pretty pic, when I found it here.
The books in Russian, which told more about Stepniak, was text-only.

I really think, he was on "killing list" for some secret services,
especially in his later years.
I also think, if we speak about a late hoax, he is an ideal
candidate for this role. 
(i.e. as a writer of VMS.
but what about his fellow italians?)
btw, what do you think - is it possible, that a person 
(in a silent morning) can t hear a train and is killed by it?
(this is the official version about Stepniak s death)

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