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RE: VMs: Re: Re: Inks and retouching

>Somewhere I recently read - possibly Jorge's site? - where
>water has washed away portions of the text.  This is an incorrect
>observation.  There is no portion of the manuscript that cannot be read
>using the MrSid files, including the damaged section of f103r, which
>more as rust or some other disturbance than water.  f1r was chemically
>damaged under Voynich's instruction, so that page doesn't even qualify.
>Demonstrate one instance where water damage has washed away the text.

Nick:>>>I've previously gone through looking for evidence of water damage to
and understand the bleedacross phenomenon: the worst ones are f93r (which
appears to be a water spill) and f103r (which appears to be a paint or ink
spill). This is an ms that has (thankfully) been kept dry. :-)

	As fate would have it, I've been flipping through the images looking at the
edges and other signs of bleed-through and water damage etc.. and happened
to ponder
the fate of f93r as well. It's quite interesting that the water or diluted
did NOT soak through the thin folio as it doesn't show at all on f93v. Now,
even if
it didn't soak through - it should have affected the facing page - which is
f90r -- which it didn't so one 'MIGHT' assume that the damage happened while
f92 was
still present.

	Several pages in the 40's have some interesting bleed-through along the top
the dark green leaves showing their mark several pages away... I'll have to
check again
which ones were affected.

	Anyway, I'm still sitting out on a limb believing that the evidence isn't
there yet to look at different people and different times. I'm still willing
to believe
that the author wrote all the pages, drew all the pictures, edited the text
with fresh
ink in spots before binding, and coloured the images before binding as well,
and lastly
that he wrote the quire signatures. I do agree there is sufficient evidence
that somebody
else wrote the folio numbers and the non-VMS text.


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