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Re: VMs: photo finish update - was - Re: Voynichese as an Abugida

GC wrote:

I just got back some of the laser images of the MrSids files, and I'm quite

Exactly which files did you give them for this?
The MrSIDs themselves, full-size jpgs from Decode, or 4x jpgs? And did they do the image files directly or indirectly from WordPad docs as you had noted to me?

An interesting aside, for those watchful of monetary outlay - I needed a new
printer, so I went out and compared prices. find that for many items, buying the smaller item is the better deal. They
getcha comin' and goin' - caveat emptor always.

I plant to get a multipurpose device soon, since I'd like all the other functions as well. These are now an excellent buy. You can get one for ~$50 US, and I think a flatbed is available for ~130 US.

If anyone wants to try ultra-high quality printing, a Google search turned up these links on giclée (I think it should be feminine, but sites vary):



This site will print files for you:


No comment on the other things. I haven't spent anywhere near the time you and Stolfi have here.


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