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Re: VMs: Re: Hajek

Hello Jan,

you wrote:

> here is  the curriculum of Tadeas Hajek compiled
> from Czech sources:
> http://penigma.netfirms.com/VM/a23.htm

Many thanks! This is more complete than I've ever
seen. There are some works by Zdenek Horsky that
should contain more about him, one with a planned
publication date of 1985 but Horsky died in 1988
so I don't know what may have happened there.
There is a lot of interest in Hajek's acceptance
of Copernicus' work, and it has been suggested
that his father Simon had direct contact with
him. I've been re-reading R.J.W. Evans (1973) 
again, and he clearly indicates that there are
(were) still lots of hardly explored sources about
Rudolfine Prague around.

Cheers, Rene

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