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RE: VMs: Re: Re: Inks and retouching


	Sometimes your 'colour' is just a little too colourful. 8-)

	Anyway, in reference to the oddity of the word ending in 'i' I don't think
anyone decided that and EVA <i> couldn't end a word - it just didn't in all
this one circumstance (I think). The fact that you agree that this assertion
correct doesn't do much in the way of making a point. The possibility that
the author
ran out of room seems reasonable since we don't have much else to go on.
I think that 'm' is normally the expected
rest-of-the-word-when-reading' ending to a voynich word.

>> No one seems to have differentiated here on the variations of this
 If as many of us 'assume', the <in> and <iin> are indeed {n} and {m}
what is the EVA <n> by itself?

	Don't forget that sometimes the 'n' is part of an '@', just like sometimes
a 'y' or an 'o' is part of a 'ch'...

>> These are glyph patterns, one-two-three strokes, and all three can be
found in the
middle of words, only without the distinguishing flourish that makes an <i>
an <n>.

	Interesting, and how exactly can one tell that the 'i' in the middle of a
is actually an 'n' and not an 'r','l', or even a 'j'?


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