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Re: VMs: Re: Inks and retouching

Hello Jorge, 

you are absolutely right about those numbers - I played little bit with gamma and I got this:


I can even guess the numbers: 454368 - probably  somebody with those special filters can remove blue 


======= At 2004-07-31, 14:39:00 you wrote: =======

>PS. As I said in the previous message, I cannot see convincing
>evidence of retracing in the text of the biological section (except
>immediate retracing by the author). On the other hand, I have looked
>at a couple of pharma images, and there it is quite the opposite: as
>in the Zodiac, there is evidence of two passes, a fairly thorough
>retracing of most of the text, which was itself retouched at a later
>time. The inks and traces are quite distinct visually, and I don't see
>how to explain the difference solely in terms of chemical/mechanical
>All the best,
>PPS. Rorschach time: could the markings beneath the blue paint
>be tiny numbers? 
>  http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~stolfi/voynich/misc/rt-f102v2-3.png
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