Eleonora - Haegtesse

Tell everyone a bit about your background, where you are from, and how you became interested in the Voynich manuscript.
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Eleonora - Haegtesse

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Hi everybody,

I'm Eleonora from Italy. I've been studying the Beinecke 408 MS for thirty years now.
I graduated in Foreign Languages, specialized in Germanic Philology.
I studied Botanics and I'm a Wild Plants and Ethnobotany Professor.
I've transliterated folio 116v (and identified all the botanical species too), contacted the Beinecke Library and they told me to subscribe to this forum. I really hope I can find a way to publish my research.
Kindest regards to all of you and I wish we can find a key for the whole characters of the script ;)

Eleonora - Haegtesse
Germanic Philology Specialist
Wild Plants & Ethnobotany Professor

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