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Tell everyone a bit about your background, where you are from, and how you became interested in the Voynich manuscript.
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syzygy -- Elmar Vogt

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Hi all,

I'm Elmar Vogt, using the handle "syzygy" here on the board.

I was pretty active in the Voynich community some years ago and fed my more or less half-baked theories into a blog of my own (, but then dropped from sight due to a lack of interest. But, as you can tell, it seems I'm picking up a little speed again...

My current stance on the Voynich is undecided, while I think Rich has made many good arguments for the VM being a fake by the hand of Voynich, I think an equally well case can be made for the VM being authentic. In either case I do think that it's not gibberish, but a fiendishly cleverly enciphered text, and that's also my main interest: I'm not so much interested in the history of the VM but in its contents. I have a hypothesis that it's been done by decomposing the plaintext letters into their constituent components ("strokes"), but I guess I'll better explain this elsewhere.

Mundanely I'm hailing from Germany, and make a living as a tech writer for a major German electronics company. Besides that, I've published a few book and plays.



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Re: syzygy -- Elmar Vogt

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Very good to see you here, Elmar. And I am glad to see you continue to have an interest in the Voynich... The more minds working on it, the better.

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Re: syzygy -- Elmar Vogt

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syzygy wrote:
Sat May 02, 2020 7:18 am
I'm Elmar Vogt, using the handle "syzygy" here on the board.
Ich gestehe, dass ich ein kleines bisschen davon enttäuscht bin, dass Sie den Name "Syzygie" nicht angenommen haben. ;-)
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