The Draco Reptilian Agenda & Vertical Slit Eyes

A place to discuss anything Voynich, or not. I'd imagine "politics and religion" are problem good topics to be avoided, just to keep it civil!
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Re: The Draco Reptilian Agenda & Vertical Slit Eyes

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Haha, cool whatever. Fair acces for all ideas.

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Re: The Draco Reptilian Agenda & Vertical Slit Eyes

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:ugeek: The quote, "the pen is mighty than the sword", but a rapid firing {qwerty} keyboard can take on worlds, domains and principalities, is not that far fetched . Hey did I just add to that quote, (i.e. pen, sword quote)?

Listen if we don't have an exchange of ideas then a couple, groups, counties, states, nations, worlds, systems, galaxies then a universe stagnates. Of course a debate with words is acceptable vs. war and misery. The art of a statesmen is to bring unheard or unseen threats to a population in such a way as to establish a war footing or a peaceful negotiation between parties involved. I have brought to your attention this, because the universe of races needs to address the subject matter of the ill effects of the upcoming technologies with reason and a sound mind. The future will bring unbelievable enslavement technology serious automation of electronic fog which can harm the replication of future humans and reproductive capacities.

The alien grey's pursuit for psychotropic warfare, biomedical sciences for a deal to have base on earth while earthlings obtain antiquated and unsafe tech is their agenda. Most Grey's hate us along with the Reptilians!

.mp3 file more on Greys and Eisenhower Deal for technologies to offer Grey's a base.

"Speak Truth to Power"

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