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Aliens are here says Haim Eshed, VM says no

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2020 5:20 am
by Bunny
Various news sources today have the story of Haim Eshed claiming aliens are in contact with Earth and various governments, have a base on Mars with humans and governments are cooperating in various experiments with them. I wouldnt know if the original claimed interview of this disclosure has any credibility but the source person does in general terms.

Aliens not required for any future scenarios but may one day be put in front of us. Undetermined whether the reporting is fake, it's just the delusional ramblings of an old man, a factual revelation by somone with nothing left to lose, or predictive programming for something that "appears" to be alien and will be accepted as such and just over the horizon now. VM suggests the latter choice if any alien disclosure - keep looking up to the sky, it's all about the sign, that's it, nothing else.